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AWS consulting services

AWS consulting services

The Sinnet is the cloud computing service provider in the amazon AWS China Beijing region. The company provides the leading and suitable cloud service products for the Chinese market which is base AWS technology. Meanwhile, we provide professional training and consulting services help users build and use cloud technology and hybrid cloud resources based on AWS technology, accelerate the migration of customers to the cloud, and achieve the digitalized transformation.

Product features:

1. DC migration to AWS: Advice, planning, and deployment of data center migration to AWS.
2. Hybrid cloud services: plan and deploy solutions for hybrid clouds such as DC-AWS and halo cloud -AWS.
3. AWS service deployment: provide assistance customers to design AWS architecture and deployment services.
4. Account security management: analyze the security of the customer's AWS account and provide the rectification plan.
5. System operation management: operation management of Windows, Linux, MySQL, Oracle and other systems.
6. Billing management: analyze the customer's bills and provide the optimization report of the bill, reducing the customer cost.
7. Project management services: integrate resources and deliver the final results in a unified form.