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ISP Service

As the leading Internet access service provider, and after nearly 20 years of construction and improvement, Sinnet has deployed its own optical fiber resource throughout the eight districts of Beijing city, as well as the important Science Technology Parks and some suburban area. At the same time, Sinnet provides PCM, EDSL, microwave, and some other access methods, as well as point-to-point leased business to satisfy different needs of customers.


  • Access Mode

Access Mode

Sinnet ISP network is interconnected with China Telecom and China Unicom. By means of BGP, it solves the bottleneck problem of North-South interconnection in the traditional sense and provides users with a reliable and fast network environment. And Sinnet provides users with high-speed international export path through the interconnection with Technology net. At the same time, Sinnet shares a good relationship with the superior core operators and the export bandwidth can be expanded at any time.
Sinnet metropolitan network can be divided into core layer, convergence layer and access layer. Core layer uses multiple high-collocation routers as the mutual backup redundancy; convergence layer has strong data transmission capability; access layer uses CISCO, H3C series equipment directly to the user terminal. Three-layers network structure provides a safe and reliable network services for the users, and ensure the users can access to Internet at any time.

Optical fiber access
As one of the earliest Internet access service provider in Beijing, Sinnet has comprehensive basic network facilities. After nearly 20 years of construction, Sinnet has already constructed its own optical fiber urban area network and optical fiber link resources throughout the eight districts of Beijing city, Science and Technology Parks and some suburban area. With access in over 300 buildings, Sinnet has competitive advantages in the market. According to the specific requirement of users, Sinnet can provide the fiber access service with the bandwidth from 2M to 1000M.

PCM access
At client side, uses ordinary router serial interface to connect with the HDSL Modem, and the HDSL Modem of the customers is connected with IDC HDSL Modem through leased lines of telecommunication, and consequently access to Internet by Sinnet access router.
EDSL access
EDSL combines the best of the two most widely used communication technology (DSL and Ethernet), and conducts high speed data transmission on traditional telephone line. EDSL provide customers with Ethernet interface, by using DSL mode to access Sinnet node equipment of metropolitan area network, and then through Sinnet network, to conduct professional solutions of point to point, point to multipoint switch connected Households networking and Internet connection. It has the protection from the secure and reliable QOS.

Microwave Access
The Sinnet can provide point-to-point wireless network architecture for the customer. The architecture can be completely understood as pulling an invisible optical fiber or a “wireless fiber” the intermediate fluctuation part. Its function is exactly the same as that of wired network with the same network protocols.

Point to point leased
Sinnet provides bare fiber point-to-point, SDH point-to-point, IP point-to-point services for customers.